The Rise in Popularity and Benefits of Online Learning

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The concept of education has changed dramatically in the last few years. Today, traditional education is no longer the only learning option, as students can access quality online education whenever and wherever. In fact, we have entered the online education revolution, with the ubiquity of the internet and other novel technologies.

That said, doubts remain about the internet as an effective method for learning, with many people still skeptical about swapping the conventional classroom for the internet. These doubts, however, do little to play down online learning as a valid alternative. As such, we examine the current popularity of online learning and its benefits to many students.

Why is online learning so popular?

According to the Babson Survey Research Group, over 30% of all higher education students in the United States take a minimum of one online course. Statistics such as this serve as evidence of how popular online learning has become in the US, as well as in other locations.

There are many reasons online learning has gained so much popularity. The ubiquitous nature of the internet and other technology has played a significant part. Some have highlighted the pandemic as a critical factor that propelled remote learning to the forefront of the education sector.

Online Learning

However, most people just opt for this form of learning solely because of its level of convenience. For many students and working professionals, online learning is a wise choice for acquiring or developing a new skill. The e-learning sector is constantly on the rise, and various institutions have taken the initiative to offer most programs online. As such, students can take advantage of many programs, such as the Spalding University online programs, to gain a professional edge in any field.

Benefits of online learning

Aside from upskilling and obtaining a competitive edge in your career, online learning has many other benefits. Therefore, we outline these benefits and how individuals can leverage them in propelling their development.

  • Flexibility

Among the numerous benefits of online learning, students — especially working professionals — find online education an efficient option due to its flexibility. Online learning allows for a lot more independence and control over your schedule. This is a handy platform for individuals seeking to toggle upskilling opportunities with a full-time career.

  • Reduced Cost

Education can be expensive, especially when it comes to traditional learning. Evidently, there are tips on how to find a college scholarship, but these opportunities are limited to a selected few. However, online education provides several avenues for students to cut costs. By learning remotely students can save money on resources and transportation. In some cases, the tuition for online programs is less than for on-campus programs.

  • Career Advancement

Like on-campus programs, online learning also fosters several career advancement opportunities. It, however, does a better job in this regard as students are entirely in charge of their schedule and are better prepared to remain active in their careers while seeking better academic credentials.

Aside from these advantages, online learning offers so much more. Students that opt for online education also enjoy more student-focused learning, transferable skills development, an increased variety of courses, and better networking opportunities. Online learning is of no less value than traditional education, and while concerns remain about this method of learning, the cons are negligible compared to the benefits students stand to gain by learning remotely.

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